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Broadstone United Golf Society Constitution

Broadstone United Golf Society Constitution

  1. The name of the golf society is the Broadstone United Golf  Society  (hereafter called “the society”)
  2. The objectives of the Society are to: – Foster the interests of its members in golf by arranging a calendar of golf fixtures throughout the year open to all members.
  3. Current members and prospective members eligible to join the membership of the Society will pay an annual subscription of £30. This is subject to review at the AGM.
  4. The Committee will normally comprise of five people, the President, the Captain, the Secretary, the Treasurer & the Vice Captain. The committee will be elected from the membership by a vote made annually (with the exception of the Vice Captain who is appointed by the Captain). The committee may vary in number. In the event of a forced change to the committee, the committee will be at liberty to co-opt a member, or members of the society, to the committee for the remainder of the committee’s elected life. The Committee will fix the date of the AGM. The roles & responsibilities of the Committee are outlined here.
  5. If the number of the Committee falls below four, the Committee may appoint additional members and they shall hold office until the next General Meeting.
    A member shall be deemed to have left the Committee:-
    1. On being absent from three consecutive meetings without reason.
    2. In the event of an officer retiring for any reason, a replacement may be elected by means of a postal/electronic vote by the members, without requiring an EGM to implement such a change.
  6. The posting of a suitable notice, 2 weeks in advance shall be considered to be adequate notice to all members of an Annual General Meeting or other General Meetings.
  7. The Committee or four members of the Society may call an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on giving 14 days notice to the members specifying the subject of the meeting. The discussions at the meeting shall be strictly limited to that subject.
  8. When General Meetings are held, the Captain shall take the chair. In his absence the Secretary will take the chair. Four members, including at least two Committee Members shall be a quorum.
  9. Alterations, additions and/or deletions to the Society’s rules may only be made at a General Meeting, provided that a minimum of 2 weeks notice of such proposed changes to the Current Rules to be issued to members at the time of calling the General Meeting.
  10. The Society’s operating year shall commence November to October.
  11. The standards of etiquette and rules of golf as determined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews shall hold good, together with such local rules and by-laws applicable to the course played.
  12. A President may be elected from the Society membership as recognition of service to the Society. A nomination and majority vote of support at an AGM is required, the term of office to be two years.
  13. The Committee has the power to suspend or expel a member for violation of the rules contained herein following a Committee Meeting, which the member is invited to attend.
  14. All society members should behave in a courteous and convivial manner to all members of host clubs whilst on the course and within their clubhouse. Never should we lose sight of the fact that we are their guests.
  15. All members must be mindful of the standard of dress required by the society whilst on the premises of a golf day venue. This will usually entail wearing smart casual golf wear,   correct golf shoes, no jeans or T-shirts, whilst on the course.
  16.  The Treasurer is responsible for accounting for each society day individually, and for preparation of the accounts for presentation at the AGM.
  17. All fees for society golf days will be notified by email and must be paid by the closing date specified in the email. All outstanding amounts must be settled before the member attends another society golf day.
  18. At the beginning of each year the Committee will meet and consider the handicap of each society member. Members will be notified of their handicap for the coming society year when his annual subscription notice is mailed. New members will be notified of their society handicap when invited to join. Their initial society handicap will be decided in one of two ways:
    1. If he is a member of a golf club then his club handicap will be used, or
    2. A handicap consistent with his level of play compared with existing society members will be given.
    The Handicap Secretary will consider applications for an increase in society handicap annually at the end of the season. The Committee may adjust the handicap of any member on general play if it is considered by them that his current handicap is unfair compared to the rest of the society. Handicaps used within the society are not notified to the home golf club of any member, and therefore have no impact or bearing on an official CONGU handicap. Under normal circumstances the maximum allowable handicap for a man is 28. The Committee shall maintain a complete register of all competition scores, which are to be available upon request.
  19. All new membership applications will be put to the Committee for consideration, membership is at the discretion of the Committee 

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